A Message from Fr Dan: The Sermon on the Mount:

Published on February 10, 2022

Jesus with His newly chosen apostles have just come down from the mountain. He is quickly surrounded by a large crowd who are interested in his teaching. The crowds want to know from Jesus, how they can live, how they can love, how they can be happy.


Because the people feel rejected, they think that God does not love them. Jesus explains that the poor, the hungry, the sad and the rejected are blessed because they know their need for God. They are close to Jesus. Jesus too was rejected and crucified. He arose on the third day and now his followers are given the strength to overcome sin and death in the world.


The words of Jesus are spoken to us today in the Gospel. The teaching of Jesus always implies a call. What is the glaring call from Jesus to us today?


What makes your heart hunger to make the liberating love of Jesus active in your own life and in the lives of others?


Blessed are they who hunger for what is just and right for they shall have their fill of communion with God.


From the Ennis Parish Newsletter, Adapted