14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Fr Dan Cavanagh, Rosbercon Fr Dan Cavanagh, Rosbercon
Mullinarrigle Mullinarrigle
Tullogher Tullogher


Grant, O Lord, that each evening before we go to sleep,
we may reflect on the day that is coming to a close.
We ask that every unkind word or deed may be forgiven
and every uncharitable thought set right.

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Welcome to our Parish

We want to make it easy for everyone to know what is happening in our parish and how to join us in worship. Our parish website is our online way of extending an invitation to all who want to be part of our community.

The website includes Mass Times, Weekly Newsletter and Contact Details. We also make it easy for you to donate to our parish with a secure and easy to use Online Donations page.

Thanks to all who support the work of Rosbercon Parish. All are welcome in this place.

Mass Times

Church of the Assumption, Rosbercon

Sunday 11:00am
Saturday Vigil Mass 7:00pm
2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month
No Mass on 3rd & 5th Saturday of the Month
Wednesday 10:00am
Friday 10:00am

St. David, Mullinarrigle

Sunday 9.30am

St. Aidan, Tullogher

Saturday 7.00pm

First Saturday of the month


A Message from Fr Dan: Building Bridges:

June 23, 2022

There is an ancient story told of two brothers, John and James who owned farms side by side. Over 50 years they worked their fields’ together, shared knowledge and produce, and lent a helping hand to one another in times of need. One day, a foolish argument broke out between the brothers and caused a…

Cemetery Masses in Rosbercon Parish, 2022:

June 20, 2022

Monday 27th June:                  Ballyneale Cemetery

Tuesday, 28th June:                Shanbogh Cemetery

Friday, 1st July:                        Rosbercon New Cemetery

Tuesday, 5th July:                    Listerlin Old Cemetery

Friday, 8th July:                       Mullinarrigle Cemetery

Tuesday, 12th July:                  Rosbercon Old Cemetery.

All Masses…

A Message from Fr Dan: The Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ:

June 15, 2022

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ: When Jesus was about to leave the world to return to his Father, he assured his followers, and us, that he would never leave us. Jesus instituted the Eucharist so that he would continue to be with us.  He asked that we…

A Message from Fr Dan:

June 9, 2022

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of the Blessed Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit: “The Glory of God is a human being fully alive”. (St. Irenaeus). This is our deepest vocation; to be a good human being and to be a good Christian. We cannot be one without the other. Our deepest calling is…

A Message from Fr Dan: Pentecost: The Coming of the Spirit:

June 2, 2022

This weekend’s celebration of Pentecost is a beautiful feast. Scripture tells us that over two thousand years ago the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles, accompanied by miraculous signs of mighty winds and tongues of fire. The descent of the Spirit is the final act of our salvation which God had promised. From Old Testament…

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