A Message from Fr Dan – Spring-Time – Lá Féile Bríde:

Published on January 30, 2022

“We sing a song to Brigid, Brigid brings the Spring,
Awakens all the fields and flowers, and calls the birds to sing”.

We celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day on Tuesday 1st February, traditionally, the first day of Springtime. We have noticed the lengthening evenings and the increase of light in recent mornings. The old people used to say you can see the “cock’s step” in the increase of daylight after the 6th of January. So, praise God for this beautiful time of the year, when Mother Nature begins to wake up and signs of new life begin to emerge all around. The birds will soon be busy building new nests and the snowdrops and the daffodils are beginning to peep out of the earth. It is a time of a new beginning, hope, and new life.

Praise God too for Saint Brigid, one of the great ladies of our faith story. Her life and her care enabled people to blossom and develop.

“All were welcome at her door, no one was turned away.
She loved the poor, the sick, the sore and helped them on their way.
She laid her cloak out on the ground and watched it grow and grow.
In wells and streams and fields of green Saint Brigid’s blessings flow”

From the Ennis Parish Newsletter – Adapted.

Poem “We sing a song to Brigid” by Clare Maloney