A Message from Fr Dan: The Light of Easter:

We are very fortunate that in our lifetime we enjoy a quality of life which would have been unthinkable a few generations ago. We have an abundance of material goods. We have an ease of communication that has made the world into a global village. We have seen stunning scientific and technological developments that have…

A Message from Fr Dan: Priests:

Last weekend we celebrated Vocation Sunday. The gospel reminded that Jesus saw himself at the ‘Good Shepherd’. The Good Shepherd is a very powerful image of the personal love and care that Jesus has for each person. Faith is central to the friendship between Jesus the Good Shepherd, and the members of His flock. Last…

Dates for your Diary: 2022

Cemetery Masses in Rosbercon Parish, 2022:

Monday 27th June:                  Ballyneale Cemetery

Tuesday, 28th June:                 Shanbogh Cemetery

Friday, 1st July:                       Rosbercon New Cemetery

Tuesday, 5th July:                    Listerlin Old Cemetery

Friday, 8th July:                       Mullinarrigle Cemetery

Tuesday, 12th July:                  Rosbercon Old Cemetery.

All Masses at 8.00 p.m

Sunday 21st  August:            St Moling’s Well

This Mass will…

A Message from Fr Dan:

May, God bless it, is a wonderful month. May, traditionally the month of the cuckoo and the swallows, the month of flowers and wildlife.


In the ancient Irish Calendar May or ‘Bealtaine’ is the first month of summer. May is the month of new beginnings, often celebrated in folklore and proverbs. The Celtic year…

A Message from Fr Dan: Wisdom:

When God asked the young King Solomon, ‘What would you like me to give you?’ Solomon answered, ‘give me a wise and understanding heart’.  And God we’re told, was pleased with Solomon’s request and the fact that he hadn’t asked for wealth or power and God promised him ‘a heart wise and shrewd as none…

A Message from Fr Dan: ‘Love One Another’

How do we know if we are true followers of Jesus? The real test is, do we love and care for one another? Love is the mark of the follower of Jesus. Love reaches out to others in understanding and compassion, in care and affirmation, in listening and service. The love that is in my…

A Message from Fr Dan: Easter 2022:

In the Easter Season, the Readings at the weekend Masses focus on the Mission of the followers of Jesus. At first, they had failed to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Once the truth dawned on them, they felt duty bound to share their faith with others. When they find their courage,…

Holy Week & Easter Mass Times:

Rosbercon Church:

Holy Thursday:  7.00 p.m. Mass of the Lord’s Supper.

Good Friday: 3.00 p.m. Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

Holy Saturday:  8.00 p.m. Easter Vigil Mass.

Easter Sunday:  11.00 a.m.


Mullinarrigle Church:

Holy Thursday:  8.00 p.m.  Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Easter Sunday:  9.30 a.m.  Mass of the Resurrection


Tullogher Church:


A Message from Fr Dan: Holy Week 2022 Part 2:

The celebration of Holy Week, the most sacred time in the Church’s year, begins on Palm Sunday with the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Jesus enters Jerusalem as its king. He is greeted with shouts of acclamation. However, Jesus entering Jerusalem as king leads to confrontation between Jesus and Jerusalem’s present rulers. The result…

A Message from Fr Dan: Holy Week 2022:

This has been a Lent overshadowed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the nightly reports of new and more terrible atrocities and suffering.


On the first Holy Week, Jesus experienced all the horrors of life, culminating in his crucifixion and death. The waving palm branches, the joy and the Hosannas of Palm Sunday…