A Message from Fr Dan: World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly, Sunday 28th July:

In July 2021 Pope Francis established a World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, which was celebrated for the first time on Sunday, 25th July 2021 when Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Rome.


During the Mass, Pope Francis reminded us that grandparents and the elderly deserve our respect and praise. Among the greatest people…

A Message from Fr Dan: The Kingdom of God:

God sent Jesus, his beloved Son, into the world for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Jesus did this through his teaching, his healing and the example of his life. After his resurrection Jesus left it to us, his followers, in every generation, to establish God’s influence in every walk of…

A Message from Fr Dan: Making the best use of our time:

Many people are overworked. While holding down a job, they are also rearing children and caring for a home. Many have a number of other commitments. So, it is very important that we make the best use of the time available to us. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

–          Work out what are the…

A Message from Fr Dan: Our Sister, Mother Earth:

Popes, on occasion, write letters to Christians across the world. These letters are known as Papal Encyclicals. Pope Francis wrote a very powerful Encyclical Letter, titled Laudato Si’: On the Care of our Common Home in July 2019. The Pope wrote this letter in the light of the grave crisis that now faces the earth…

A Message from Fr Dan: Our Father who Art in Heaven:

The Our Father is the first prayer that many of us learned. It is still many people’s favourite prayer. It was given to us by Jesus and it is the prayer that Jesus prayed many times in his own lifetime. The Our Father was given to the Apostles in the midst of Jesus’ final journey…

Fr Dan’s Golden Jubilee

Fr Dan will celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination with a Mass of Thanksgiving on Friday 28th June at 7.30pm in Rosbercon Church followed by refreshments in the Church grounds. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Niall Coll. All are welcome.

A Message from Fr Dan: Where is Heaven?

On Sunday 12th May we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension, when Christ Jesus in the presence of his followers ascended to Heaven. The question is “Where is Heaven”? Where did Jesus ascend to?  In the past people had a rather simplistic idea that earth was here and Heaven was up there, somewhere above the…

Dates of Cemetery Masses in Rosbercon Parish, 2024:

Tuesday, 18th June:                 Ballyneale Cemetery

Friday, 21st June:                     Rosbercon New Cemetery

Monday, 1st July:                     Listerlin Old Cemetery (Rosary-No Mass)

Tuesday, 2nd July:                   Shanbogh Cemetery

Friday, 5th July:                       Mullinarrigle Cemetery

Tuesday, 9th July:                    Rosbercon Old Cemetery

Sunday, 25th August:              St Moling’s Well

All Evening Masses at 7.30pm and Sunday Masses at 2.00pm

Please note the change of time for…

A Message from Fr Dan: Building Bridges:

There is an ancient story told of two brothers, John and James who owned farms side by side. Over 50 years they worked their fields’ together, shared knowledge and produce, and lent a helping hand to one another in times of need. One day, a foolish argument broke out between the brothers and caused a…

A Message from Fr Dan: The Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ:

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ. When Jesus was about to leave the world to return to his Father, he assured his followers, and us, that he would never leave us. Jesus instituted the Eucharist so that he would continue to be with us.  He asked that we…