Return to Public Masses

Published on May 6, 2021

Following on from Taoiseach Micheál Martin’s address on 30th April 2021, Public Masses have now resumed in Rosbercon Church from Wednesday 12th May and will continue on Friday, 14th May.  Public Masses will continue in Rosbercon Church on Saturday  15th May at 7 pm and in Listerlin/Mullinarrigle on Sunday 16th May.

It is very good news that this weekend we will be able to  pray together and celebrate Mass and the Sacrament of Baptism.  Because of a Government Directive we are not in a position to  decide the dates of Confirmation or First Holy Communion.

Funerals were restricted to ten people could attend. This  number is now increased to fifty.

What preparations are needed for the resumption of Mass?

Because of the two-meter social distancing regulation, the  calculated capacity of the Churches is as follows: Rosbercon: 72,  (using the side aisles as separate pods) Listerlin: 72 (two  galleries) Tullogher: 50.

Entering the Church:

Enter the Church through the main door  only. Leave the Church by the side doors and main door. Be  aware of the need to keep social distancing outside the Church  after Mass.

Holy Communion:

People come to Communion in single file  maintaining the two-metre distance. Communion will be  dropped in the hand of those receiving, without hands touching.  Communion will be taken in the hand only.

Church Collections:

Collection Boxes will be left at the doors of  the Church for your offerings.

Please Note: The challenge we face is to accommodate the  people who wish to come to Mass. The numbers allowed into the  Church are relatively small. We have to respect the regulations.  Our first obligation is not to facilitate in any way the spread of  Covid. The Sunday obligation has been lifted so Fr. Dan asks that  as many as can would attend Mass on Wednesday and Friday  leaving the Saturday and Sunday Masses for those who can only  come on weekends.