Reflection: The Human Spirit

The Human Spirit


Our spirit is our most precious possession.

It is our greatest source of energy.

However, while it can be very strong,

It can also be very brittle.

It can be an oak unmoved in a storm,

Or a frail reed swaying in the wind.

It can be a piece of granite or a piece of China.

What is it that enables the spirit to soar,

And what is it that causes it to sink?

Sadness weighs it down; joy lifts it up.

Criticism erodes it; praise builds it up.

Failure shrinks it; success enlarges it.

Despair causes it to wilt; hope breathes new life into it.

Rejection wounds it; acceptance heals it.

Hatred poisons it; love purifies it.

Fear cripples it; solitude calms it; prayer strengthens it.

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us.