A Message from Fr Dan: Wisdom:

Published on April 28, 2022

When God asked the young King Solomon, ‘What would you like me to give you?’ Solomon answered, ‘give me a wise and understanding heart’.  And God we’re told, was pleased with Solomon’s request and the fact that he hadn’t asked for wealth or power and God promised him ‘a heart wise and shrewd as none before you had and as none will have after you’.


The wisdom offered to Solomon is the pearl of great price and is the first gift of the Holy Spirit.  Imagine God asking you the same question, what would you choose? How do you want your life to be measured? Many people long for possessions, money, property. Many dream of a good position in life, with power and influence. The question is what kind of person am I?


The world measures greatness by power, prestige and property. For God wisdom and understanding are the true measure of greatness. We all know the kind of person we would like to be friends with, one with an understanding heart. Love and laughter, kindness and consideration are worth everything and in the end are the only things of lasting value.