A Message from Fr Dan: To stand apart from public opinion in the search for Truth, Goodness and Beauty:

Published on November 16, 2023

“God warned the people about an earthquake that would so affect the water supply that those who drank it would go crazy. One monk who lived on the mountain by himself laid in a supply of good water to last his lifetime. When the earthquake did occur, the monk went down to find that the people were, as God had foretold, crazy and they rejected the monk as different. After some years in his mountain retreat, the monk got so lonely that he left it to join the people. He drank their water and like them became crazy”.


‘Love and Power’: “What is love but a face, instantly recognisable in a sea of faces?

A spotlight rather than a panning shot. This is very different to power, which is a matter of numbers, of crowd scenes.

I heard of an inscription on a stone set up in North Africa over two thousand years ago which reads: ‘I, the captain of a legion of Rome, have learned and pondered the truth, that there are in life two things, love and power, and no man can have both.’ Some twenty centuries later I add my own name to that inscription”.


Malcolm Muggeridge