A Message from Fr Dan: The Light of Easter:

Published on May 11, 2023

We are very fortunate that in our lifetime we enjoy a quality of life which would have been unthinkable a few generations ago. We have an abundance of material goods. We have an ease of communication that has made the world into a global village. We have seen stunning scientific and technological developments that have changed every aspect of our lives.


Yet, the problems of life and how people across the world relate to each other are as far from being solved as ever. The violence and brutality of the war in Ukraine is truly a wakeup call as to what can happen in the twenty first century. For all of us, issues such as Covid, the cost of living and insecurity about the future are factors in our lives. Materialism has taken hold of peoples’ imaginations and the spiritual values that sustained our people for generations are losing their hold.


The result of this is that more and more people are suffering from stress related illnesses especially depression. Doctors and psychologists are concerned that the silent victims of the darkness of depression are reluctant to come forward to seek help and suffer in silence.  Sharing our problems with those close to is a great help. For many, having a friend who listens is the first step to a more healthy and happy life.


The Easter Season, which celebrates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is a constant source of hope and encouragement. The coming of summer gives us some leisure and provides an opportunity for us to grow in our relationship with God. Summer offers us a chance to spend more time with God in prayer. We are invited to be still. Out in nature, we come to know God as our Creator. Jesus himself sought out quiet places in the outdoors to pray. For those who prefer indoors he suggested that we “go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in that secret place…”

We find God every day in what we see, hear and understand but we experience God at a much deeper level when we halt our activities to pray in silence.