A Message from Fr. Dan: “I’ve started, so I’ll finish”

Published on August 14, 2021

I’m probably no different from most people when I admit to being slow to begin a project, fearing the end result is going to be a shambles. We put off so many things until the long evenings of summer. On
Sunday we celebrate the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven, the great summer feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is now time to tackle those projects that we hoped to complete this summer.

There is great wisdom in trusting that the completion of our tasks will come only after several attempts, false dawns, and, maybe more importantly than anything else, recognition that I may not be able to achieve my goal on my own. It is a most liberating experience to realise that one needs help. One of the happiest surprises in life is how often we discover people who are willing to work with us, share our load and accompany us on a particular journey.

The great success stories that make headlines are nearly always preceded by great struggle, effort, apparent failure and many moments of self-doubt. There are always ‘nay sayers’ who presume “it couldn’t be done”. Yet things get done and we are often captivated by what has been achieved.

For every one of us, there is a potential success story… tailor made for you and me, made to fit each personality. However, we may need to start and start again, but, often with the helping hand of another, the love and support of another, the task is finally completed. Here lies the truth: We need each other. Together we can achieve headline success stories! The important thing is to make a start.

(From the Ennis Parish Newsletter – Adapted)