A Message from Fr Dan for April

Published on April 14, 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday:

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. This day was instituted by Pope John

Paul II in May 2000. The Divine Mercy is based on the writings of Saint Faustina, a Polish nun who died in 1938, aged 33 years.

The message of God’s divine mercy is very important. So many stories from the life of Jesus, like the Prodigal Son, emphasise God’s love for the weak and for those who fail. Jesus taught us again and again that the love and power of God are greater than any disaster that can befall us. We come to God each day with confidence in his mercy for each one of us. God will see us through.

This spring and this Easter are so different as Ireland and the whole world continue try to come to grips with the Covid 19 virus. Our social interaction is limited. We must stay at home and away from people. Yet we must not become downhearted. We are not alone. We our united to Christ in our prayer. We are united to our loved ones through the bonds of family and friendship. Through our prayer and our love, we make a difference to our homes, our families and our community.


May we hold one another in our hearts and prayers during this time. May you and your loved ones be blessed as you celebrate Easter and spring. May we move constantly from the pain of Good Friday to the joy of Easter Sunday and the promise of new life.

The Lord is Risen: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest feast of the Church’s Year. Jesus arose from the dead-on Easter Sunday. Christ lives in glory now. In the Resurrection Jesus overcame the power of death and the power of evil. How are we to understand the Resurrection and the difference it makes to our faith. Now, while we continue to celebrate the suffering and death of Jesus, even more we celebrate Jesus’ victory over weakness, failing and death. Our faith as well as being a faith of concern for others, becomes a faith of delight for us.

Our ancestors understood this when they believed that that the sun danced and that nature celebrated on Easter Sunday because Jesus had risen from the dead. We too are glad and rejoice because Jesus has taken on our worries and our fears and transformed them into peace and joy. So, we are glad and rejoice. We accept the love and the friendship of the risen Jesus. Praised be Jesus always, Alleluia! Happy Easter to all.