A Message from Fr Dan:

Published on January 13, 2022

We have left the Christmas season behind for another year. We have entered the period in the Church’s Year known as Ordinary Time. These calm weeks until Lent provide us with time to strengthen our faith and to nourish our spiritual lives.

In the gospel this weekend we meet Jesus at the Wedding Feast of Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother is also present as are Jesus’ disciples. When they run out of wine, Mary turns to Jesus and says simply, ‘they have no wine’. Jesus’ first response is to ignore his mother’s plea. ‘His hour has not come yet’. At this point, Mary turns to the servants and tells them to do whatever Jesus tells them. This is an act of faith in Jesus and it is through this act that Jesus works his first miracle. Through his miracle Jesus gives the wedding guests an abundance of wine. In this, we see the generosity of Jesus and his sensitivity, in saving the family of the groom the embarrassment of running out of wine.

An important message for us is to remember the role of Mary in the working of the miracle. At first Jesus refused to get involved but changed his mind in response to Mary’s act of faith in him.  It was Mary’s faith that was responsible for the miracle.

The story reminds us of the importance of our own faith. January is the month of new resolutions. During the coming weeks we can resolve to build a closer relationship with God in our daily lives. Our Lady teaches us how a trusting faith can move Jesus to work miracles.

From the Ennis Parish Newsletter (Adapted)